The 12th International Conference on Hydrodynamics
18 – 23 september 2016, Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands
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Session: Advanced experimental techniques
Room: Room 2
Session start: 10:30 Wed 21 Sep 2016

Maciej Paprota

Wojciech Sulisz

Dawid Majewski

Topics: - Hydrodynamics in ocean, coastal and estuary engineering, - Advanced experimental techniques


ABSTRACT Novel and original experiments are conducted to study the problem of evolution of temperature profile of a frozen sand bottom layer under wave action. The study is a part of a comprehensive laboratory investigation of wave-induced erosion of permafrost in context of climate changes undertaken within the framework of the ARCOASTS project [1, 2]. A model of a frozen sand layer is prepared and installed in a separated and insulated section of a wave flume, where temperature of water is decreased to simulate polar conditions. The model is exposed to waves of selected parameters and different thermal conditions. Exact and precise measurements of a wave field and temperature profiles of water and frozen soil are used to recognise physical processes leading to enhanced warming of the frozen sand bottom under the action of waves. The set of temperature sensors is installed in the wave flume to measure the thermal response of the frozen sand under different wave conditions generated by the wavemaker motion. The temperature distribution in the sand layer and in the water column is a key parameter affecting wave-induced erosion of the frozen sediments. The results from laboratory experiments indicate that water waves not only induce sediment transport of the sandy layer but most importantly affect the thawing of the frozen sand. A faster increase of sand temperature under the wave action makes the sand more vulnerable to erosion. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The research leading to these results has received funding from the Polish-Norwegian Research Programme operated by the National Centre for Research and Development under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 in the frame of Project Contract No. POL-NOR/200336/95/2014. REFERENCES [1] A. Reda, W. Sulisz, D. Majewski, M. Paprota, and M. Szmytkiewicz, "Application of a new approach for modeling coastal erosion in Arctic areas", Proc. of the 2nd International Workshop on Hydraulic Structures: Data Validation. Red. Rita F. Carvalho, Stefano Pagliara, Coimbra, Portugal, University of Coimbra, pp. 217-221, (2015) [2] W. Sulisz, M. Szmytkiewicz, D. Majewski, M. Paprota, A. Reda, "A new approach for the prediction of coastal erosion in Arctic areas", Proc. of the 9th Symposium on River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics, At Iquitos, Peru, (2015)