The 12th International Conference on Hydrodynamics
18 – 23 september 2016, Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands
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Session: Hydrodynamics in Ocean IV
Room: Room 3
Session start: 14:00 Tue 20 Sep 2016

T.P. Mazarakos

D.N. Konispoliatis

S.A. Mavrakos

Topics: - Hydrodynamics in ocean, coastal and estuary engineering


This paper describes a geometrical parametric hydrodynamic analysis of a multi–purpose floating structure suitable for offshore wind and wave energy sources exploitation. The floating structure is supporting a 5 MW Wind Turbine (W/T) and encompasses an array of hydrodynamically interacting Oscillating Water Column (OWC) devices. Theoretical analysis for such types of floating supporting structures which more realistically allow the renewable electricity generation from the combined wind and wave action have been reported in the literature ([1], [2]). Based on the theoretical studies on multiple body floating systems reported in recent years ([3], [4]) the numerical implementation involves the hydrodynamic modelling of the floater through an analytical method that accounts for the hydrodynamic interactions among adjacent floating OWC’s, by properly composing the solutions of the diffraction, the pressure– and motion– dependent radiation problems around the floating structure. Moreover, the mooring modelling, the aerodynamic modelling of the rotor, the elastic modelling of the turbine components, namely the blades, the drive train and the tower should be taken into consideration. Details on the design of the floating structure are discussed and numerical results are obtained through the developed solution on the frequency domain. The absorbed wave power by the structure is presented as a function of the geometric characteristics of each OWC and their placement against the wave front. REFERENCES [1] Aubault, A., Alves, M., Sarmento, A., Roddier, D., Peiffer, A. 2011: “Modeling of an oscillating water column on the floating foundation WINDFLOAT”, Proceedings, 30th OMAE 2011, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. [2] Mazarakos, T., Konispoliatis, D., Manolas, D., Voutsinas, S., Mavrakos, S. 2015: “Modelling of an offshore multi-purpose floating structure supporting a wind turbine including second-order wave loads”, Proceedings, 11th EWTEC 2015, Nantes, France. [3] Nader, J–R., Zhu, S–P., Cooper, P., Stappenbelt, B. 2012: “A finite – element study of the efficiency of arrays of oscillating water column wave energy converters”, Ocean Engineering, Vol. 43, 72–81. [4] Mazarakos, T., Konispoliatis, D., Manolas, D., Voutsinas, S., Mavrakos, S. 2015: “Coupled hydro-aero-elastic analysis of a multi-purpose floating structure for offshore wind and wave energy sources exploitation”, Proceedings, 12th STAB 2015, Glasgow, UK.