The 12th International Conference on Hydrodynamics
18 – 23 september 2016, Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands
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Introduction to the 2016 International Conference on Computational Hydrodynamics
It is with great pleasure that we see a lot of participants from all over the world to join the 2016 ICHD conference in the Netherlands, Egmond aan Zee.
We have been able to set up a program that represent high quality contributions in Computational Hydrodynamics both from the industrial practice as well as new research findings at Universities and research institutes.
We hope that the location of the conference venue, so very close to the sea, will be of a reminder of the importance that we will have to work with the sea to the benefit of mankind. We are also happy to see that we were able to address hydrodynamics in the biosphere.
From local chair of the conference we wish you an inspiring at enjoyable conference.
Chairman Local Organizing Committee
Prof dr ir R.H.M.Huijsmans